‘My Bracken Sporran arrived yesterday, thank you. I am extremely pleased with it, the quality of the workmanship is as high as ever (the first bought from you in 1992). Thank you again.’

JEFFREY BURN - Castle Douglas, Scotland


‘The Sporran is perfect for what I need. It goes on my belt on my jeans and it’s also perfect on the ‘Whang’. I will be wearing it most days on my jeans to carry my wallet and phone. The workmanship is first class, the leather is soft and pliable. The addition of the wee coin pouch is a great idea. Again thank you so much for your first class product and service. I will certainly direct any of my friends looking for a Sporran to your website.’ 

BRIAN ARMSTRONG - North Berwick, Scotland


'This is the second Larch Sporran that I have purchased from you, and it certainly won’t be the last!  I am absolutely delighted with it, the craftsmanship and quality are outstanding.  I have been asked many, many times about my Sporran and people always enquire as to where they can get one.  I will most definitely recommend your skills and refer them to your website.  Many thanks again, and keep up the good work!'

ALAN FEE - Edinburgh, Scotland



'My Drover Sporran arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  The 'Whang' strap is both interesting and unique - I wish it was (exactly) the same colour as the Sporran but I love it and cannot wait to wear it to the Highland Games here this coming spring and summer.  The workmanship is excellent, the design is perfect and even though this one will last for many years I plan on ordering another as your Sporrans are simply the best.  Thank you for such a wonderful product.'

KAREN BUCK - California, USA



'Thank you for your work on our Sporran.  I am pleased to know this type of workmanship is still being done.  After your excellent updates and communication your Sporran arrived in perfect condition.  The Sporran was for our young son's birthday.  He was very pleased with the Sporran and it looks very fit for the long career that lies ahead.  The details in the craftsmanship are even better than the photographs on your website portray.  Thank you again for your work.'




'I have been using my new Drover Sporran for four days now.  It is a truly superior product and certain to last many years.  The quality of the leather is better than the average Sporran, right down to the drawstrings and brilliant 'Whang' strap design.  Pibroch Sporrans are the genuine article and do not disappoint.'




'Thank you for my new Drover Sporran.  I must admit to having prior knowledge about and use of one - we gave my son a Drover Sporran a while ago and I was able to use it on one occasion when he wasn't present meaning it was free.  'Free' is a good word - the standard 'wooden' sporran coupled with its chains seems so restricting compared to the more natural and practical hanging strap that accompanies the Drover.  The build quality and materials are excellent.'

JOHN BURNS - Alnwick, England



'First time on and used at the weekend for a friend's wedding.  It's brand new!  Really pleased with it especially the 'siller poke'.

JOHN WATT - Glasgow, Scotland



'My Sporran arrived today and I can say without reservation Pibroch Scotland is a first class operation.  The speed at which my order was processed was fantastic.  The Sporran is exquisitely hand-crafted and has the look and feel of a true historic piece.  The rich and supple leather has the attractive smell of extremely high quality riding tack giving it a charming allure.  It is a very fine piece and surpassed all my expectations.  I highly recommend your company, particularly for the discerning Client who may be searching for historical accuracy with attention to detail at a very reasonable cost.  Very well done!'

KELLY FINK - Maryland, USA



'Received my Sporran today, I can't wait to wear it with my kilt next weekend!  I really like the fact there are no metal parts and that it is only leather.  You can tell it is very good quality and will last many years to come.  I am extremely happy with it.'




'Impressed with your work and the quality of the Sporran.'

GEORGE MACKAY - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada



'Pibroch Sporrans are, quite simply, the finest Sporrans on the planet.  The leather is exquisite, the craftsmanship flawless.  Quality costs but also lasts a lifetime.  How many handbags does your wife have?  I now have four Pibroch Sporrans.  Be the envy of all your mates, join the club.'

MAC DALRYMPLE - Falkland, Scotland 



'The quality of the material is outstanding and the attention to detail is VERY nice.  The workmanship that went into this really shows the care and love you have of the art.  I am EXTREMELY happy with this Sporran and it will be used for many years to come.  Thank you again for a high quality product.  I will be sure to wear this with pride and will definitely recommend your work to others.'

CARL REAMS - Newport News, Virginia, USA



'I received my Larch Sporran and other items today and it's a beautiful piece of work.  I think this is going to be my 'go to' Sporran whether I'm dressed casually or formally.  Lovely work from a real craftsman.'




'Just received my 'Drover' and I am very happy with the quality workmanship that went in to the making of this Sporran.  It will last many years and I look forward to ordering another for my son.'

RUSSELL McCRARY - San Ramon, California, USA



'We recently commissioned a Larch Sporran for our son's 18th birthday.  We were delighted with the service and workmanship from Pibroch Scotland.  Our son was thrilled to receive such a beautiful item and was particularly taken with the coin-purse which accompanies the Sporran.  He is also now a great fan of the 'Whang' - the conventional Sporran belt with the chain section always looks a bit messy and the superior 'Whang' is a far more aesthetic and utile item.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Pibroch Sporrans - a great Scottish product from an excellent craftsman.'

SALLY BROUGHTON - Dunkeld, Scotland



'My Sporran is fantastic!  It arrived just in time for me to take to a Judo tournament in Germany, where I had many, many positive comments from everybody that saw me wearing it.  It is top quality and you deserve the acclaim of being a true Scottish craftsman.  I will wear my Sporran with pride at every opportunity.'

JAMES BIRNIE - Carterton, England



'I was cutting it fine for time with my Sporran order and you have done an incredible job, guaranteeing that I had it for my wedding day.  On receipt of my Sporran I was greeted with a wonderful surprise...  instead of the usual chain it came with a leather strap which you describe as a 'Whang'.  Absolutely brilliant idea...  Genius!  A perfect addition to my kilt outfit it attracted a lot of attention and admiration.  A great advert for Scottish hand-made produce.  Thank you for producing such a fantastic product and delivering it at such short notice.'

EDDY McKAY - Lossiemouth, Scotland



'I was really delighted to find out that Pibroch Sporrans was still in existence.  I bought a 'Larch' and then a 'Laird' Sporran from yourselves over 20 years ago.  They have been in regular use since and are constantly admired by other kilt wearers, especially among my Scottish Country Dance friends.  They are so well made that I am not (yet) in the market for replacements but I will now be able to tell my friends that they can still buy them from you.  Many thanks for making Sporrans that are so very functional and yet so good to look at too.'

BOB McLATCHIE - Glencoe, Scotland



'Love the sporran!  I selected your firm because your designs are authentic, unique and understated.  The quality of materials and the workmanship are terrific!  I will recommend your products to others, and would do business with you again.  Thanks so much!'

TIM JOHNSON - Wichita, Kansas, USA



'I have known the proprietor of Pibroch Scotland and have worn his superb Sporrans for about 30 years.  In today's global world where craftsmanship and authenticity in this field are fast disappearing to be replaced by cheap and inferior imports, it is very heartening that the valuable heritage of Sporrans is being preserved and replicated on our own doorstep.'

BRIAN WILTON MBE - Crieff, Scotland



'Excellent proper Sporrans with loads of space to keep my wallet, keys, pens and loose change!  Not like those silly things you can buy in some Kilt shops.  I now have 3 Pibroch Sporrans - they are certainly made to last.  I wear my Kilt all the time and all around the world.  I bought my first sporran from Pibroch Scotland over 20 years ago and it has been worn so often it's like an old friend.  My latest Sporran is the 'Drover' and every time I wear it people pass comment.'

BRENDAN BURNS FSA Scot. - Avoch, Scotland



'I received the sporran in good order and tried it on.  It fits just as I wished and has more capacity than my other one.  I also like the 'Whang' belt strap which adds some additional authenticity.  Thanks very much.'

MICHAEL HUSEBY- Englewood, Colorado, USA



'I bought a Sporran from you in the mid 1970s and I've still got it.... as good as new.  Keep up the good work.'

LESLIE DENNISTON - East Kilbride, Scotland



'We were sourcing products from the region to include in a fashion shoot for our clothing brand and required elements that symbolised 'Scottishness'.  We were impressed with the handcrafted Sporrans by Pibroch Scotland made by local artisans using natural materials - an entirely Scottish product which enhanced our own designs.'

ZAFAR AHMAD for DORIAN C. GREY Gentleman's Outfitters - Dubai, UAE



'I love these keyrings.  They are beautifully handcrafted and very unusual.  They also make keys incredibly easy to find when they are lurking at the bottom of a full handbag or pocket.  I have bought three and plan on buying more.  They make great gifts.'

SHONA LEITCH - Fife, Scotland



'Your EXCELLENT Sporran arrived today.  Thank you, a big change from a solid back Sporran.  Cheers.'

ALEX McINTOSH (Kiltwalker) - Cumbernauld, Scotland



'I am delighted with my Sporran which is of excellent quality and unique design.  It is very hard-wearing and the craftsmanship is really second to none.  It is a true investment piece and I would recommend anybody to purchase one.'

CHRISTOPHER BROOKS - Aberlady, Scotland



'I have been involved in Scottish Country Dancing for most of my life and have worn a 'Gorse' Pibroch Sporran for the previous 12 years.  It has certainly proven its value by remaining 'as new' despite being used nearly every week of the year.  Because of the soft but hardwearing leather I can stuff it with dance instruction books, money, tissues, pens, keys, sweeties and notepaper, yet it still doesn't look bulky and can handle everything thrown at it on the dance floor.  Folk used to wearing kilts are always extremely interested in the Sporran.  In my opinion it is a very superior and user friendly product to be wearing.'

TONY McALLISTER - Edinburgh, Scotland



'Beautiful!  The Sporran is ingeniously designed and large enough to carry all my personal effects.  Very pleased with my purchase'

CHARLES MACKENZIE - Glasgow, Scotland